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Apartment building,


MAY 2018

Construction of a multifamily building. The construction will have a more contemporary language.
In volumetric terms, the proposed building is developed on two floors plus a basement exclusively for parking and technical areas.

The building will consist of ten apartments, all T3 type, eight of which are duplex.

All roof terraces will be accessible by vertical access or a trap door, for technical areas to support all solar panels that will be installed in these flat roofs for hot water. On this floor, photovoltaic panels as well as air conditioning machines can also be installed.

At the COR level, the intention is to break the monotony, the color shows volumes, creates depth, integrates with the external environment, brings feelings and sensations and makes reference to nature. For this reason, the decision to take advantage of the ideology of the peaceful island of Burano in Italy, and to create a housing complex, where each owner can, by color (s) identify what is their fraction or duplex.

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