The main activity of the atelier is the development of architect projects, according to their specificity and size, and also coordinates engineering, landscaping, urban planning and planning projects, as well as technical assistance and inspection.
      Coordinated by Architect Eric Castaldo, the architectural projects cover several fields: housing, tourism, industry, commerce, service, equipment and exterior arrangements.

      The importance given to the strictness in the management of the process aims to ensure the commitment to meet deadlines and budgets in each job.


Eric Castaldo


     From 1989 to 2000 direct collaboration in numerous projects in the Atelier 1991 of the Architects João Durão and João Paulo, the Engineer Fernando Lucas and the designer João Trabucho. In 1990, he created an atelier, in his own name, in which he executed physical models of architecture. In 2000, he decided to establish himself as Architect complementing the atelier, currently called "Arkhimacchietta Atelier", whose client portfolio includes, among others, Pestana Group, Oceânico Group or Vale de Lobo.

Cristina Vargas



     Architect and civil engineer, postgraduate in rehabilitation of buildings and urban areas.

     Project designer of building specialties since 1997, has been collaborating with Arkhimacchietta since 2009 in the elaboration of projects for stability, water and sewage, rainwater, gas and fire safety, and the supervision of works

Caroline Castaldo


     Graduated from the Higher Institute of Engineering of Algarve (2012), in the field of civil construction.

     Familiar with the branch of architecture and models from an early age, she began her professional activity in collaboration in expert processes, which gave her access to a diversity of experiences in the field of civil construction.

     In her national and international professional trajectory, she went through companies of small and great renown, where she developed work of organization and supervision of works.